Forklift genealogy Memorabilia
  • April 28th, the first conference of CCYG(Chinese Communist Youth Group )was held successfully in the company.
    The company was awarded “Dalian Advanced Enterprise” of 2004-2005 by Dalian government.
    The committee of CCYG (China Communist Youth Group) issued the first document No. 2006-1 to start campaign “Compete with skill, contribution to adapt development of Dalian Forklift Co., Ltd.”
    Made out 《the eleventh five year development plan of Dalian Forklift Co., ltd. 》. This is the creed of behavior and grand blueprint of all members of the company.
    The brand “Rhinoceros” series products were awarded “10 Famous Products of Chinese Port Machine”
    The “Rhinoceros” 1-45ton forklifts were listed in “the First Recommendable Famous Brand in China”.
    “2004-2005 Advanced Enterprise of Dalian”
    Dalian government awarded “the advanced enterprise of charity” to the company.
    The company was awarded “Top 500 Factory of Chinese Machinery Industry” by Chinese Machinery Industry Administration.
    The container forklift FD260AK7/K8 was listed in “TOP50 of 2006 Chinese Engineering Machinery Products”.

    • Januarty 20th, the company start publication “Study Platform” to set up and publicize“Dacha” spirite.
      March 2nd, Dalian Forklift Co., Ltd. Donated 2 units of forklifts to Indian disaster area to help them rebuild homestead on the “Forklift Donation Ceremony” at the company’s main square with Dalian Charity General Committee.
      March 4th, Sun Chun Lan, the CCP’s secretary of Dalian city visit our company.
      One of company’s brand “Rhinoceros Forklift” was awarded with “the Famous Brand of Liaoning Province” by Liaoning Province Quality and Technique Monitor Bureau and Liaoning Province Top-brand Stratagem Committee.
      The company also has been honored “the First Class in Five Merits Establish Action” by Dalian General Labour Union.
      May, 31st, Wen Shi Zhen, the standing commissary of CPCC, Vice director of Finance and Economics Committee, accompanied by leader Sun Chun Lan, visit the company.
      Start up TPM movement.
      July 14th, the conference “Enterprise culture cast soul, behavior concept model body, improve the quality of team, promote the development of company.” was held at the square of the company’s main building.
      Year 2005-2007 Liaoning Top Brand Product
      AAA class credit standing of Chinese Enterprise
      Five Merit Committee of CCP.
      VOGEL Industry Brand Study Media Issue award “Most Popular Domestic Forklift Brand”.

      • The ERP project implementation plan was issued, ERP construction project officially started.
        The factory was awarded Dalian AAA level credit enterprise. The firm was awarded with “Credit Company” for 15 consecutive years by Dalian Administration of Industry and Commerce. The enterprise had the honor to win “the national credit company” for the first time by the State Administration of Industry and Commerce. The enterprise was awarded “National machinery industry user satisfaction product/project” by China Quality Association of machinery industry. The firm was awarded “Dalian User Satisfaction Enterprise” by Dalian Quality Management Association. The enterprise was titled “The advanced company and the advanced Party” by Dalian Municipal People's Government and Dalian industry Party committee.
        The factory developed and designed the new product “reach stacker” by themselves.
        The factory researched and produced the container forklift truck and the Reach stacker and they went through “the new product be put into production” and “technological research achievements” by municipal identification.
        The quality system of factory successfully went through the re-evaluation by Beijing Huaxin technical inspection Ltd. for three days.
        The factory was awarded “3.15 Quality without complaints and Service without complaint” by China Association for technical supervision information. Satisfaction of commodity quality, Service satisfaction, Customer loyalty, Brand reputation, Market competitiveness, Future shopping preferential products . The company was awarded the top ten brands in the investigation of the competitiveness of China's consumer market commodity quality reputation first in 2002 by China Quality Association and Association of Chinese famous brand goods.
        Transformation of the re-location was implemented smoothly; the re-location of Dalian forklift general factory was started on 30th, Dec.
        Honor our company “First Credit Company”
        Honor our company “The top ten brands” in the investigation of the competitiveness of China's consumer market commodity quality reputation.

        • The enterprise was given the title of “Site management exempt from inspection” honor in 2000 by Dalian Municipal People's Government.
          The enterprise was honored with “gold exhibitors for Beijing International Construction Machinery Exhibition and technical exchange” By China Engineering Machinery Company and the Machinery Industry Branch of China Council for the promotion of international trade.

          • The enterprise was honored with “Credit company” and kept that for 14 years.

            • The enterprise made a technology cooperation agreement of BX series battery forklift with NISSAN Ltd.
              China Association for quality inspection issue honor of “ National quality supervision spot check qualified enterprise”.

              • -FD420 truck successfully passed examination of state economic and trade commission organization.
                -Grant D5, D8, D10 type forklift “Famous Brand Products” by China machinery industry; Grant D6 forklift truck “First Grade Products” on the provincial and municipal level check ; The factory won "Three Satisfaction Enterprise" in Liaoning province; Pass through ISO9001 quality assurance system supervision and inspection; CPCD20 forklift truck pass through 400 hours intensifying test by our ministry.

                • Won “Best Industrial Enterprise” of 1996 and 1995.
                  -, Won public bidding of "42 ton forklift”. for “national major introduction of technology digestion and absorption project in the "ninth five-year plan" period.
                  - 5-12 tons of rhino brand forklift won “famous brand product” of the ministry of machine building.
                  - Granted "quality trustworthy star enterprise" by ministry of machine building.
                  - Pass quality certificate examination of Beijing HUAXIN technology inspection co., LTD.
                  -Create company flag, Company logo, Company song and held a solemn flag raising ceremony.
                  - Won “National New Products Prize” of FD420 type forklift, 25 tonnage level forklift truck, CPCD135 hydraulic balance heavy truck.
                  - Won third prize of “Outstanding new products “in Liaoning province.
                  - FD250 type forklift won the third prize in Liaoning province scientific and technological progress.
                  -Won gold cup of “ outstanding new products” in Liaoning province.
                  - Won the fame of “Customer Satisfaction Enterprises” in Liaoning province.
                  -42 ton forklift won first prize of “Outstanding New Products” and second prize in “Science and technology Progress” in Dalian.
                  - Won “ Best Enterprise Management” award.
                  - Won honor plate from "enterprise technology center".
                  -Won "Liaoning province customers satisfied product" award.